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Syndicate marketing

Increase traffic 10x &
reach to millions

How our marketing automation works?

Exponaut platform enables automatic ad creation. Opt-in syndicate marketing program to your expo if you want to enable the workflow. Our automation distributes your chosen percentage from exhibitor ticket fee automatically to generate ads. We use Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Google platforms to distribute banners and search ads. Our system generates 1000+ ad formats that enable to reach millions of people. We can also customize the ad campaigns to specific exhibitors and set custom goals to optimize your expo performance. Want to see digital marketing in action? - Check out case study from Skyon Expo to learn more.

Reach to millions of people and extend your event or expo

Awareness and brand activation is automated with our platform. You can extend your event by reaching and inviting more people. Digital environments are active as long as your profile is active. You can also disable your virtual expo manually if you no longer wish to show it live.

Our marketing performance is often 10x more efficient than average marketing agency can provide. This is possible with our marketing software and advanced analytics software that enables to control and regulate your marketing performance any given time.

Upload quality content to perform with better creative ads

Our platform is SEO-friendly. Which means that search engine bots crawl and rank your page regularly. Content uploaded will be searchable and findable on Google. Also links that are added to our platform increase your web ranking and supports search engine ranking and performance.

If you enable syndicate marketing campaign for your event - portion of the exhibitors fee that you collect will be distributed to marketing activities. Our platform generates automated ads that are activated and help you gain awareness & reach.

Marketing and sales platform enables automated ads

Exponaut platform enables you to fill in your profile and create events. The best experiences and results are gained by adding relevant and quality content to our platform. Our platform uses the content uploaded to generate ads in environments: Facebook Business, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube

You can view all ads that were created and also you can request edits in creative solutions and personalize the ad experience.

Syndicate marketing concept for group marketing

A Syndicate marketing concept is a self-organised group of individuals or companies established to conduct specific business, or to advertise a mutual interest. A syndicate group is commonly formed when individuals would be unable or adverse to move forward alone or decide to do it together to increase the effort and results of marketing campaign.

Syndicate marketing creates ads for you automatically

Quality of ads depend of the content you uploaded to your booth. The more content and better quality the content - the better the ads!

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