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Digital B2B sales and marketing tool to grow your business and profit

an unique digital meeting place which combines:
Platform for
virtual expo
& matchmaking
event production
syndicate- marketing
Upload existing brand materials and showcase your products or create a new event and invite others..
Unlock powerful opportunities to customers and business partners worldwide. Your Expo booth is SEO-friendly. Extend your expo performance!
You prepare for short term expo, but we make it a long-lasting and with the latest technology to perform better.
Fascinate your audiences with web based Plug-in Metaworlds. Support your branding and gain attention - Tell your story in a memorable way. Showcase your exponents at trade exhibitions via. Exponaut AI bots and moderators.
Generate maximum stage engangement for hybrid & virtual events. Tell your story in a memorable way. Showcase your exponents at trade exhibitions via. Exponaut AI bots and moderators.
Exponaut  syndicate marketing software generates ads to every exhibitor. Generating thousands of ad formats across mainstream social media channels. Reach to millions!
By default 25% of exhibitor registration fee is allocated to marketing performance software to increase exhibitors value. Calculate your potential reach and revenue from the calculator below.
Creating an expo is


& Reach to 10x more people
The common budget is automatically splitted 50% to the event organizer and 5% of this is proposed to be used for syndicate marketing. Please change your booth price and slide the amount of expected exponents for creating your draft budget of your virtual event.

40exhibitors onboarded

100 000 €

Your earnings

Enter your exhibitor entry ticket. Ticket fee usually includes marketing activities to promote your event with your exhibitors.

Ticket's price

Expo solutions that promote long-term success and active marketing create better value for exhibitors. Long term exposure generates more trust online and grows your brand with new sales and audiences.

Expo length (in months)

The 5% of the total event budget is reserved automatically for syndicate marketing. This helps to attract commonly customers. You can switch this to zero and in this case you will have the expected budget as your earnings. Also you can increase this 5% budget. Increasing the marketing budget in the social media over 5% will reduce your earnings as the event owner. You always have an oprion to increase the Booth’s Price to find the right balance in setup.

40%syndicate marketing budget

1,4 M

Your reach

Automate your expo!

Host your event on a simple web-environment built for exhibitors. No installation of any application, just use your browser!
Unlimited amount of virtual booths
Virtual meetings as 1:1 or group
Generates exhibitor booths that are SEO friendly
Calendar software for inquiries (API)
International Networking (events)
Interactive features: Chat, Polls, Voting
Matchmaking software & breakout rooms
Custom API development
White-label portals and custom domains
Platform demo
Platform demo

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Create your own expo

Exponaut auto-generated platform experience
Create your own expo with Exponaut plaform. Use Exponaut tools for growth or create a new business with our Expo software. Create your exhibitor profile and start networking.
Exponaut syndicate marketing software
Exponaut merges the power of creating a new expo experience and digital performance via. virtual production, syndicate marketing software, which on average grows web reach 10x.
Expand your business globally! ADD-ON
Virtual production enables cloud based connection (NDI-bridge) with local green-screen studios. Enabling you to connect into virtual environments to create the best digital experience.
Start free!
Our platform enables you to start your expo free of charge. We charge based on tickets sold or offer custom white-label portals & partnership programs. Register your account to see more!
See the revenue earning model

Become an exhibitor

Exhibitor CMS portal enables simple on-boarding of visitors and exhibitors. Admin access to managers!
Admin tools for your managers to guide the experience and marketing performace for your expo.
Auto-generated landing pages for exhibitors
Take your expo to new levels. Enable visitors to your exhibitors 24/7 or extend your after-expo program and run campaigns
Sustainable performance
Hybrid & virtual events on another level. Be the industry innovator and create sustainable performance. Enable permanent expos to create new business and digital ecosystems.
Generate new business and reach to millions!
Exponaut syndicate marketing software creates new synergies between exhibitors and rises new industry innovators. Our marketing AI generates ads for you!
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With Exponaut
You will


Multiply your sales and global reach!

Your revenue now
The revenue you could earn

Turn your sales-efforts long-lasting and re-usable!

Your physical business
Chance to grow it worldwide

Grow your digital marketing efficiency exponentially!

Instead of one-time big marketing campaigns
we focus your earnings

Create totally new business models and networks!

Your business stays the same
We help it to innovate to new markets

Save our planet by reducing CO2 emission!

Help to clean the world

What others
say about us

Cost-effective virtual event platform, developed in collaboration with top IT- and event marketing companies. It´s tested, it works!
„It was really nice to participate in this, thanks for the opportunity. I like the set-up with a studio and different speakers. Compared to other solutions I’ve seen so far, yours is really good!“
Sebastian Jager
R8 Technologies
„It’s a really professional set-up you’ve been putting together in this short time. Congratulations for a great job – well done!“
Alexander Wüllner
Hundt Consult
„Virtual conference taken place in Culture Hub was executed with high quality over secured government IT network, where there is known to be some constraints in the system“
Marko Ermann
Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia

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