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The public and private sector comes together to find solutions for global challenges

Background of the project

Tallinn Digital Summit is an annual event hosted by the Estonian Prime Minister that gathers together leaders of like-minded and digitally-advanced countries, international organizations, and the private sector to address the most pressing issues on our road toward a connected digital future.

at Conference & Main stage
countries representatives


How to connect the private and public sector to find common ground to solve global challenges together?

We´ve witnessed  Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. But we are also faced with an auspicious opportunity to enhance our cooperation in the face of shared challenges. New connectivity initiatives have recently been launched, the G7, the EU's Global Gateway, the UK's Clean Green Initiative and the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity.

The frontrunners of digital nations drive the global conversation on digitalization

How it worked

Tallinn Digital Summit
Expo platform

Exponaut provided a networking platform for connecting decision-makers with organizations and businesses worldwide. It was a unique opportunity to present the newest innovations, services, and solutions to solve global challenges together.

Technical overview:
Exhibitor booths that are SEO friendly.
Calendar software for inquiries (API).
Virtual meetings as 1:1 or group.
International networking on-site & online.
Interactive features to increase engagement: Chat, Video Meetings, Webinars etc.
Content library.
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Tallinn Digital Summit Expo Virtual Production

Feeling that you are virtually in the same location as attendees who visit in-person conferences. Event was held in Tallinn Creative Hub, Estonia - Expo stage was built in a 3D environment on the roof of the same building.

Technical overview:
Unique virtual presence interview on virtual environment.
Digital Summit custom virtual stage.
Products & innovations showcase.
Green-screen live render in multiple environments.
Unreal Engine 5 & Blender environment designs.
Reusable virtual environments.
More cost effective than physical stage set-up & also more sustainable production.
Learn more about virtual production
Tallinn Digital Summit Expo Syndicate Marketing

Exponaut platform enables automatic ad creation. Our automation distributes your chosen percentage from the exhibitor ticket fee automatically to generate ads. We can also customize the ad campaigns to specific exhibitors and set custom goals to optimize your expo performance.

Technical overview:
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google and YouTube platforms to distribute banners and search ads.
Exhibitor content syncs with marketing software to enable automated ads.
Exponaut software generates 1000+ ad formats that enable us to reach millions of people.
Open environment to enable content searchable online and search engines.
Archive of the event and exhibitors to save all created content for years to come.
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55x more economically friendlier
than organizing physical event

Project results

Increase engagement
Thousand of meaningful connections generated for exhibitors. Generating new revenue and partnerships.
Audience growth
Attendance growth through virtual layer, expanding event to virtual domain.
Global reach
Visitors from over 83 different countries.

DIGITALEUROPE - Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl

(Director General of DIGITALEUROPE)
Skyon office building main contractor

“If I were to share one takeaway from my today's speech, I would simply say: No nation or even continent can succeed to be resilient on its own. We need to collaborate on all levels to face today's challenges and be prepared for what the future holds for us.”

NCS Group - Howie Lau

(Managing Partner of NCS Group)
Skyon building developer

“It was great to have met many new friends across governments and enterprises who have common passions to make the world a better place through harnessing technology.”

Tallinn Digital Summit EXPO - Risto Hansen

(Project Manager)
Skyon building developer

“It´s incredible to see that Tallinn Digital Summit & EXPO had such a huge global reach - we had visitors to our Online EXPO from over 83 different countries.”

Cert-Trace - Waqar Ahsan

(Director of Business Development of Cert-Trace)
Skyon office building main contractor

“It was an amazing experience for Cert-Trace and me at the Tallinn Digital Summit 2022. Looking forward to Tallinn Digital Summit 2023.”

Valuable add-on benefits for exponents were enabled


Combine singular marketing activities for efficient global campaigns. Gain more reach and awareness for your trade show and to every individual exhibitor by joint showcase campaigns, generating more revenue and online social credibility for every participant.


Exponent self-service portal for showcasing products and services. Permanent virtual space for expos and company reference projects that syncs with marketing automation.


Exponent self-service portal for showcasing products and services. Permanent virtual space for expos and company reference projects that syncs with marketing automation.


True Win-Win Situation
With Exponaut both Expo organizer and exponents achieved through collaboration:
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