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reach to 10x more people
The common budget is automatically splitted 50% to the event organizer and 5% of this is proposed to be used for syndicate marketing. Please change your booth price and slide the amount of expected exponents for creating your draft budget of your virtual event.

40exhibitors onboarded

100 000 €

Your earnings

Enter your exhibitor entry ticket. Ticket fee usually includes marketing activities to promote your event with your exhibitors.

Ticket's price

Expo solutions that promote long-term success and active marketing create better value for exhibitors. Long term exposure generates more trust online and grows your brand with new sales and audiences.

Expo length (in months)

The 5% of the total event budget is reserved automatically for syndicate marketing. This helps to attract commonly customers. You can switch this to zero and in this case you will have the expected budget as your earnings. Also you can increase this 5% budget. Increasing the marketing budget in the social media over 5% will reduce your earnings as the event owner. You always have an oprion to increase the Booth’s Price to find the right balance in setup.

40%syndicate marketing budget

1,4 M

Your reach


Interactive video player, connecting your existing website to your Exponaut showroom
Multichannel SM reach measurement dashboard
Capability to join events worldwide with your loaded tool
The best part is that you can double your revenue in a safe and guided way where you can have both - existing physical event together with long-lasting virtual presence.

White label

If you would like a custom white label solution then let us know and we will contact you with more personal offering.
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