Start your expo free of charge & create new revenue

Example revenue model
Set-up the platform
Check your email for portal access (may take 15min)
Invite your community to the platform
Generate new revenue from member fees and host Premium events

Automate your expo!

Host your event on a simple web-environment built for exhibitors. No installation of any application, just use your browser!
Unlimited amount of virtual booths
Virtual meetings as 1:1 or group
Generates exhibitor booths that are SEO friendly
Calendar software for inquiries (API)
International Networking (events)
Interactive features: Chat, Polls, Voting
Matchmaking software & breakout rooms
Custom API development
White-label portals and custom domains
Platform demo
Platform demo

Exponaut platform functionalities and technology

Exponaut Platform

Virtual layer for your expo or event. Host your community events and syndicate marketing campaigns to achieve new sales goals.

Ready for service

Our CMS is easy to use and allows to invite and collaborate on common goals. Host your community on our platform.

EASY to start

Press register and create your profile and start attending or creating new events. Run ads with our platform and perform 10x better.

Agile adaption

Instant set-up and 24/7 support to guide you to success. Ask for help from our community and personal account manager.

Cost efficiency

Our software solution is built for exhibitors and visitors. Mobile first scaling and quick-analyze features.

The same result with less travelling

You can organize or participate at conferences, have talks without long trips. Virtually we reach more people with lesser cost.

Works best with

syndicate- marketing
3D virtual
event production

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