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How people from 191 countries tackling the global waste problem united in a common digital meeting place

Background of the project

World’s biggest civic action movement unites millions of volunteers, governments and organizations in 191 countries to tackle the global waste problem and build up the new and sustainable world.

World Cleanup Day is an initiative of Let’s Do It World headquartered in Estonia whose aim is to mobilize citizens across the globe to unite together to clean up the entire world in just one day.

million volunteers
from 191 countries
300 000+
tons of waste collected
due to movement
(equals mass of 70 000 elephants)


How to organize the annual meetings in a pandemic situation?

Activities shift from physical to digital environments was not an option during the pandemic. This change has opened an absolutely new understanding of how to look at things from a digital point-of-view. Obviously traditional web-page and social media ads are not sufficient anymore.

When market barriers emerge, innovation starts and new solutions are found

How it worked

World Cleanup Day White-label Community platform

Platform unites together systematically all the organizations, leaders and sponsors, today there are more than 10 000 organizations that have joined the World Cleanup Day community platform. United in one community platform and regardless of the pandemic they were able to have their annual meeting thanks to virtual production.

Technical overview:
Integrated with the best cloud service platform.
Running on Amazon Web Services systems and built with scaling in mind.
Front-end is compatible with Zappier and different API systems like Pipedrive, Mailchimp.
System has multi-level administration rules. Every country has a manager that oversees the registration flow of their particular country.
People can register their companies to the platform and access it via Exponaut management portal to edit and instruct people.
Onboarding is simple and flawless.
See the World Cleanup Day webpage
World Cleanup Day Broadcast

How to create a waste-free world? During the live broadcast Let’s Do It World network came together to highlight the best practices from previous worldwide cleanups as well as theories on how to influence people to be more environmentally friendly and how to create a waste-free World.

Technical overview:
Connecting with VMX and other cloud production platforms like NDI bridge
Green-screen live render in multiple environments
Unreal Engine 5 & Blender environment designs
Reusable virtual environments
More cost effective than physical stage set-up & also more sustainable production
Learn more about virtual production
Digital Cleanup White-label Gamification platform

Simple and impactful gamification project to delete all the “second-rate” photos, videos and other unnecessary data to reduce carbon footprint.

Technical overview:
Dubai Expo related digital clean up game (how much data can you delete?)
Scoreboard of all participating members (who cleaned the most of data)
Touch-screen in Dubai Expo (estonian pavilion) to register all data that syncs to cloud
Check it out here
55x more economically friendlier
than organizing physical event

Project results

Increase engagement
Currently over 5126 self made events by volunteers and organizations in the content library
Audience growth
10X more effective virtual reach
Automated system and management tool
Over 15 200 hours saved on administrative work

Valuable add-on benefits for exponents were enabled


Combine singular marketing activities for efficient global campaigns. Gain more reach and awareness for your trade show and to every individual exhibitor by joint showcase campaigns, generating more revenue and online social credibility for every participant.


Exponent self-service portal for showcasing products and services. Permanent virtual space for expos and company reference projects that syncs with marketing automation.


Exponent self-service portal for showcasing products and services. Permanent virtual space for expos and company reference projects that syncs with marketing automation.


True Win-Win Situation
With Exponaut both Expo organizer and exponents achieved through collaboration:
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