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Exponaut - The Ultimate Platform Solution for Trade Show Management

Exponaut - The Ultimate Platform Solution for Trade Show Management

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Trade shows area crucial part of any business and having a seamless experience is of utmost importance. Exponaut offers a software solution that helps in managing all aspects of a trade show, right from program creation to participant management.

Here are the top 12 features that make Exponaut the go-to solution for trade show management:

  1. Immediate and quick application capabilities for trade show execution, ensuring all the below mentioned features.
  2. Mapping trade show exponents by the visitors, considering their interests.
  3. Solutions built on derived experiences from completed projects.
  4. Virtual booth’s designing capabilities and easy deployment for exponents.
  5. A modular marketing feature for exponents, allowing targeting and monitoring of advertisement efficacy.
  6. Ability to present multilingual content and texts.
  7. Unique video transmission environment where presentations can be carried out and recorded, as well as online meetings can be held.
  8. Visible and readable presenter’s content for search engines (SEO-friendly trade show boxes).
  9. Registration and ticketing system integrated for both physical and virtual events.
  10. Unrestricted access for trade show visitors/viewers without the need for registration (by agreement with the event organizer).
  11. Interactive broadcasts along with commenting feature.
  12. Convenient self-service experience for the exponent, where the presenter can upload content easily on their own.


Exponaut makes trade show management a breeze, offering a user-friendly interface and an array of features to make your trade show experience seamless and effective.