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4 main advantages of virtual production

4 main advantages of virtual production

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Virtual production has opened up new advantages that allow production teams to create new ideas and innovate event industry, here’s 4 main advantages of virtual production:

  1. Saves time and costs. Virtual production saves time and money and eliminates unnecessary travel time and additional expenses which makes it a great way to reduce carbon footprint. 
  2. Early idea iteration and less hassle on sets. Virtual production enables event owners and production teams to develop their ideas earlier. This opens up a new opportunity to save time and also be more prepared before the sets or live presentation. 
  3. Library of virtual production assets. Virtual assets like event stages, environments, characters, effects etc are stored electronically, reducing the cost of physical storage, transportation, and labor. Virtual assets can be re-used and customized to meet the requirements of production, without designers and 3D artists having to build them from scratch. 
  4. Ability to collaborate globally. High quality virtual content can now be created without delays by decentralized teams around the globe. Now event organizers and virtual production teams can build up their teams with creatives and technical specialists regardless where they are located. This gives new opportunities for B2B communities, NGO-s, and government organizations to collaborate internationally in unique and cost effective ways.

Virtual event production example 1

Regardless of pandemic and international travel restrictions, virtual production enabled us to bring together one of the biggest volunteer communities in the World for their annual gathering - Let's do it World.

World Cleanup Day 2021 broadcast

Virtual event production example 2

Unique showcase concept brought together the B2B community to present their contribution to the development process of landmark building Skyon.

Skyon Expo opening ceremony broadcast


Virtual production enables us to create events and conferences in a more sustainable and unique way. Book a free consultation with our dedicated team and let’s discuss how virtual production can benefit and bring together your community.