For Organizer

Easy step-by-step guide to get started right away

Register your Event

Step 1: Go to and click "Create an Expo".

Step 2: Fill out registration form.

Step 3: Then wait for confirmation email ( setting up will take up to 10 min).

Step 4: For safety reasons you will get 2 emails:

  • 1st email - Confirm your email address (in case you didn’t get email, please check your spam folder).
  • 2nd email - Set up your password.

Edit your Event

To edit your Event, go to and Log in.

Now you have logged in to your account, start editing your Event by clicking on the "Event name".

If you need any futher assistance, feel free to reach out to us at Chatbot support.

Add information

Step 1: Fill out general information about your event (edit name, event location, date etc).

Step 2: Update  organizer info (contact information, website address etc).

Step 3: Insert event details  (date and time, event description etc).

Tip: To get it done faster - Fill out all the easy-to-fill fields first and press “Save”, start again from the top and fill out all the other empty fields.

Add your branding & visuals

Step 1: Add an event banner/cover photo. Suggested dimensions 1920x1000px.
JPG, PNG, GIF recommended. File size max 500KB.

Step 2: Add your logo. Suggested dimensions 300x140px.

Step 3: Add your event video (suggested YouTube link).

Tip: For the best outcome - try out different visuals and check how it looks by clicking "Event live page".

Add/update event program

Step 1: Go to the tab "Add Event Agenda" and insert your event program.

Step 2: Click on the "+ Add New" button and fill out the new topic information.

Step 3: Manage or edit you event topics on the Add Event Agenda page.

Tip: To avoid mistakes  - Fill out at least 3 topics and then check how it looks by clicking "Event live page".

Save your changes & publish event

Congratulations! You have now created your first event with Exponaut. Good luck! :)